Essential Edition

Instant access to the Digital Download and/or Streaming of the feature film.

Companion ebook (almost 300 pages): Chapters, plans, checklists, printable material etc... 

Joel Salatin on why permaculture chickens (yes, I said Joel Salatin).

Easily get started with your 1st flock.

Creative feeding programs sourced onsite to cut costs up to 100%.

Feed on compost, sprouts, wild foods, worms, tree crops, garden…

Lessen your workload by using chickens in the garden.

Appropriate housing options for coops and mobile shelters.

Using technology, like electric netting, to easily manage your birds.

Work with nature to maximize yields while minimizing inputs.

Humanely butcher and preserving for food security.

Preparing delicious dishes.

Making a right livelihood with profitable farmer, Joel Salatin.

Follow the pro's on large scale chicken chores at Polyface Farms.

See the city chick operations in Pat Forman’s backyard.

Grow and use herbs to prevent and treat illness with Lisa Steele.

Breed your own for 100% self-sustainability with Jim Adkins.

Hatching chicks with mother hen to easily raise your own.

Adjust to winter and summer extremes to maximize production. 

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Essential Edition

I want this!