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Permaculture Pigs - Complete Edition


Physical DVD of the Documentary Growing Bacon

Part ONE of the Permaculture Pigs Course, “Getting Started with Pigs,” including show notes and part TWO of the Permaculture Pigs Course,  "Getting the Most from Your Pigs,” including show notes. Which are listed out in detail below and are provided for streaming or download:

Permaculture Pigs - The Documentary

CH1: 10 Things Pigs Can Do for You (Besides Bacon 😉)

CH2: How to Easily Get Started with Pig

CH3: How to Raise Pigs in Small Spaces Feat. the PigPort

CH4: Which Breed of Pig

CH5: Creative Feeds

CH6: Using Pigs to Clear Forest and Plant Pastures

CH7: Gardening With Pigs

CH8: Electric Fence Systems

CH9: Three Ways to Keep Pigs Healthy

Justin's Mobile Pig Shelter Plans

Butchering Part 1: Intro

Butchering Part 2: Kill

Butchering Part 3: Scald and Scrape

Butchering Part 4: Evisceration

Butchering 5: Primal Cuts

Butchering Part 6: Grinding and Sausage

Butchering Part 7: Bones Fat and Organs

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Permaculture Pigs - Complete Edition

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